The Heart Of A Champion

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Meet Kendall M!

Kendall is in her 3rd year of tackle football. In her 3 years of tackle football she has never backed down from a challenge, never complained when tired, hot, bruised, cut or exhausted. She plays hard for her teammates and coaches. They are her family. She never wants to let them down. She has so much heart for just a 9 year old. The game has given her confidence that has carried over to her basketball playing as well. See what her coaches had to say about her!

“Kendall has the ambition and drive needed to be successful in football. She has a great vision for the field and the mental toughness to play through adversity. She is not just another player to her coaches and teammates, but a leader to our team.”

“She is a passionate team player and a true warrior of the game”

Her heart has inspired both kids and adults. She truly has the heart of a champion.

Author: Muhammad
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