Sublimated Wrestling Shorts and their 3 Ws

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Sublimated Wrestling Shorts and their 3 Ws

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If you’re new to amateur wrestling, you probably have some questions about what you can and cannot wear. The one-piece singlet is the most traditional gear for a number of wrestling disciplines, including freestyle, Greco-Roman, and folkstyle (collegiate) wrestling. Additionally, it’s typically the only clothing permitted at wrestling matches.

Sublimated shorts are tolerated during warm-ups and, if allowed, competitive events in wrestling. In the latter case, shorts are subject to the aforementioned regulations. A two-piece uniform consisting of compression shorts and wrestling shorts is frequently required.

What are wrestling shorts with sublimation?

For flexibility and stretch, they have a Poly Spandex insert inserted into a smooth polyester foundation. These high-end textiles successfully exhibit the sublimation colours without any bleeding or see-through. There are sizes available for both men and children. includes the team name, logo, and numbers.

What kind of fabric is ideal for making custom sublimated wrestling shorts?

When making custom sublimated wrestling shorts, spandex is the best material to use. Lycra or nylon can also be used because they offer the right amount of elasticity for natural body movement. These materials function well with sublimation printing because they can withstand the strong heat of sublimation.

They are also quite good at wicking away moisture. You’ll benefit greatly from them for a very long time.

What is the best ink to use when custom wrestling shorts are being sublimated printed?

The best ink to use for sublimation printing on personalized wrestling shorts is KIAN ink. It is an exceptionally rare and high-quality type of ink.

Additionally, it combines beautifully with the unique wrestling material and does not fade soon.

Considerations when purchasing sublimated wrestling shorts


Manufacturers frequently provide size charts so that you may select shorts that are the proper size. Wrestling shorts should snugly and comfortably fit around your waist to avoid them from slipping during practise or, worse yet, during a match. Conversely, if your legs are restricted from movement due to wearing shorts that are too small, your performance may suffer.


There is a lot of perspiration and action during wrestling practise. In order to keep yourself dry and cool no matter how much you perspire, you need shorts made of a fabric that can stretch in numerous directions for comfort. The shorts should be lightweight as well so that you won’t have to worry about feeling heavy while wearing them, especially when they’re wet.


Due to the harsh environments where fighting shorts are utilized, look for shorts with reinforced stitching along the seams. Shorts with strong, double- or triple-stitched seams prevent cloth breaking easily.


Wrestling shorts must not have any visible drawstrings, zippers, buttons, pockets, snaps, or belt loops. A feature like side slits on board-style fighting shorts, however, is necessary for unrestricted lateral movement and ventilation. And shorts with an elastic waist and a Velcro or drawstring clasp keep in place even during rigorous workout.

Advantages of wrestling shorts with sublimation

You will decide to use custom sublimated wrestling shorts due to a number of benefits. The following is a list of the main benefits of using custom wrestling shorts.

  • They can survive the numerous challenges in the wrestling ring because they are powerful.
  • They also foster a sense of teamwork and pride, which makes them perfect for training.
  • The shorts will also fit you well and make you more comfortable while wrestling.
  • Additionally, you will have enough room for mobility because to the fabric’s flexibility.
  • To ensure proper identification, you can also add team-specific information to the wrestling shorts.

Evo9x can help you choose the appropriate size for sublimated wrestling shorts

It is possible to determine the appropriate size for custom wrestling shorts by taking precise measurements.

These are the key bodily sections that need to be measured.

  • Waist Dimensions

The important body parts that need to be measured are those listed above.

  • Hip Dimension

You are going to measure the widest part of the hip, especially in women.

  • Outseam Dimensions

In this instance, you should measure from the waist to just an inch above the knee.

  • Inseam Dimensions

The inseam should be measured from just above the knee to just below the crotch.

With Evo9x, placing an order is always guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

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