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Sports and Kids

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Sports offer great advantages for communities that find new ways to spend their lives with a healthy mind and body. Kids’ contributions to sports are extremely necessary, and school playgrounds should be the main platform to polish their athletic skills. According to research, children aged 6 to 13 played sports at least once a year from 2011 to 2019. Around 72 percent of kids participate in professional sports games in the USA. The relationship between sports and kids is highly important for the body’s growth and physical fitness.

Here we will discuss all factors related to sports’ impact on kids’ daily life and what are the elements that are important to understand for upgrading your children’s body functions.

What are Sports?

Sports is the hybrid version of physical exertion and individual skills used to compete in a social activity. Sports have several forms, and any competition with the involvement of physical activities followed by a set of rules can be recognized as sports. Sports have been part of the world for several centuries, and each style of play has evolved with time. Consequently, sports can be divided into two sub-categories: organized sports and unorganized sports.

1- Organized Sports:

The competitive structure is surrounded by professional bodies to control the results of more than two teams. This category of sports has specific rules and regulations compulsory to follow by the participants of any age.

2- Un-Organized Sports:

These sports have no rules that are offered by any official group or individuals. The participants of this category have complete freedom of rules to design with no limitations or restrictions.

Sports Basic Rules for Beginners

A group of participants of any sport is known as players, and each sport is categorized in a unique set called games. Kids, youth, and adults can play sports. Each age segment has private, professional leagues in which numerous teams play specific sports to win rewards. In organized sports leagues, the games are combined with norms to avoid injuries or any harmful consequences.

Organized sports for children and youth are necessary to be managed by adults. However, sports and children have a unique connection that can transform into a life-changing experience for parents or their kids. Several factors play a crucial role in understanding the importance of sports for children in today’s world.

Importance of Sports for Kids

If we throw some light on the impact of sports on our daily lives, countless examples show the importance of physical abilities and how they can enhance our body fitness. Children under the age of 13 need a healthy diet and physical tasks to maintain their balanced body functions. However, the introduction of smart gadgets and social media channels created hurdles for the young generation to meet their daily physical activities.

If kids below the age of ten fail to involve themselves in daily physical activities. In that case, their natural body functions that include hand-eye coordination, muscle flexibility, and level of immunity will start declining. In addition, children in the growing stage lack the concept of following rules or coordinating with other kids.

In recent years, parents have been ignoring the importance of sports for their kids, creating issues in the future. The phase when kids’ body muscles stretch is highly important for parents to encourage them in sports activities.

Lack of physical activities can lead to health problems for example;

  • Excessive body fats.
  • Bone health issues.
  • Excess body fat.
  • High level of cholesterol.

Playing any sports can offer significant benefits for kids of all ages. However, child health care experts suggest that kids below the age of 12 should participate in physical activities for at least more than one or two hours.

Kids regularly participating in intense sports games can provide great benefits for their healthy life. They learn to work out their fundamental problems and how to make rules with friends and teachers.

Best Benefits of Sports for Kids

The importance of sports can bring a wide range of benefits for those kids that actively participate in their favorite games. Sports can bring positive traits among children for example; quick thinking abilities improve their social interaction skills and increase cardiovascular fitness.

There are several health benefits for kids that play sports without any gap. If parents want to see positive results in their children’s physical and mental functions, sports are the simple key to boosting their muscle development process.

1. Increase Strength

Kids taking part in sports games can help to increase their stamina which leads to the development of their muscles in upper and lower limbs. This process of hectic workouts at an early age can easily upgrade kids’ muscle strength and movement.

2. Amplify Thinking Ability

Kids that have an interest in sports games assist their brain functions to work at maximum level. They have improved sleep routines and sensible thinking abilities. These junior sports athletes can think outside the box with enhanced memory skills.

3. Improved Balance and Coordination

Sports can help kids to have better control of their movement and running abilities. The motor skills of kids who play regular sports can help them in teenage and adult life. They can remain active in any situation and improve their mobility.

4. Increase leadership Skills

Sports athletes have quick decision-making skills with a smart thinking style and better human interaction abilities. Sports can put kids in various situations allowing them to make critical decisions that make them strong school leaders.

5. Reduce Health Issues

Major health problems such as depression and anxiety are observed in children between the age of 6 and 11. Kids at a young age start facing mental issues and sports can protect them by creating a healthy environment. Sports allow kids to forget negative thinking and decrease their depression level when they focus on playing games with school friends.

How to Pick Sports for Kids to Play in School?

Sports games are expanding in unique categories and creating new opportunities for kids to show their skills and get a chance to be selected by school professional leagues. Parents should encourage their kids to search for the best sports that can help to grow personal skills, increase academic learning and strengthen their bones.

Here is the top best sports list that kids can play in schools who are older than age of six.

* Softball (Slowpitch and fastpitch)

This sport requires a bat and a ball that can be played on a dry field in a diamond shape. Gloves are required for each player.

* Baseball

This sport is slightly similar to softball but the game is fast and demands full protection of the face and head. Players play baseball on a diamond-shaped field with bat and bat that are extremely similar to slow or fastpitch sports.

* Soccer

Worldwide famous sports played with a ball in a rectangular field. You can only use feet to score points/goals.

* Netball

This sport is played by two teams of seven players. Netball is played on a rectangular court with raised goal rings at each end.

* Wrestling

A hand-to-hand sport played between two players on a circular platform. The objective is to tackle the opponent using arms and hands.

* Tennis

This sport is played on a rectangular court with rackets, stretched net, and a bouncing ball.

* Football

Played like a rugby style with an oblong-shaped ball that can be thrown, cached, and passed on a large rectangular field.

* Basketball

This sport is played between two teams of five players on a rectangular court. Score points by throwing the ball in the net called basket.

* Ice Hockey

Sport played on a rectangular shaped ice indoor field between two teams of six players on each side. The objective is to throw the puck into the opponent’s net-shaped goal.

* Gymnastics

A collection of physical exercises that need flexibility and balance. An individual best sport for kids.

* Swimming

Water based sports take place in a pool designed with rectangular style. Players compete to cover a specific distance using their feet and upper limbs.

* Cricket

A game played on a pitch surrounded by grass fields shaped in a circular design. This sport is played between players of eleven using a bat and a ball.

* Bicycling

A competitive sport that can be played between children of age between 5 and 12. There are several types of bicycling including road bicycles, BMX freestyle, and cycle speedway.

* Table Tennis

Indoor game played on a rectangular size table with an attached net. It is known as ping pong and two or four players can play using small size rackets.

* Inline Skating

Rollerblades are worn by players that show their tricks on ice and judges decide the score of each participant.

* Lacrosse

A unique game played with lacrosse (long sticks with attached net) and a ball. It is the oldest American game played between two teams of ten players on each side.

Rule is to throw the ball in the opponent’s goal to win a game with maximum points.

Sports safety tips for kids

There are some guidelines for parents to use safety measures for their kids while playing any sports game. These safety tips will prevent kids from head, arms, legs, and foot injuries.

  • Try to use a protective helmet, safety pads on elbows and knees.
  • Watch out for colliding with other kids during sports games.
  • Know the rules before entering the field or court.
  • Avoid playing sports if any kid is suffering limb soreness or feeling hazy.

How to Start a Sports Team for kids?

Your kids need social interaction with their friends, and sports in school are the best source to help them. To create a sports team, help your kids get uniforms that boost their confidence. Custom team uniforms and jerseys can unite entire teams that help kids focus on their game wearing colorful attire.

Parents can start their mini-league by collaborating with neighbors’ families. Get kids a fresh way to enjoy sports at home with a free mindset and relaxed environment. Another great way to start a sports team is by persuading your children to sign for school tournaments. These academic sports activities will help them to shine and discover their hidden talent.

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