Check Out Soccer Uniform Decoration Rules you Must Follow!

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Check Out Soccer Uniform Decoration Rules you Must Follow!

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Every level of soccer clothing is made with player safety in mind. Soccer uniforms must be tight-fitting yet breathable to keep players cool in this physically demanding activity because players frequently compete for position while being in close proximity to teammates and opponents. Other uniform rules change based on the age group.

The soccer jersey conveys a lot about your team, including cohesion, camaraderie, and a drive to triumph. However, make sure you are aware of the regulations before you create or embellish your soccer jersey this season. Be sure you are aware of the rules that apply to your team because they may differ from one business to the next.

High school uniform rules for soccer

The following is a general, unofficial guideline for high school soccer uniforms. Please confirm the rules that apply to your team with the local school or organization as they may differ.

The Basics

High school soccer players must wear a uniform that comprises a jersey, shorts, socks, shoes that are acceptable for their age and size, as well as shin guards that are adequate for protection.

The opposing team’s socks and jerseys must be of different colors. If both teams are sporting identical colors, the home team will make the required adjustments. While the visiting team wears dark jerseys, the home team should wear light. The host team may don solid white jerseys and white stockings, while the visiting club may don dark jerseys.

Shin Guards

The bottom border of shin guards should not extend higher than two inches above the ankle when worn with socks. Shin guards must adhere to the requirements set forth by NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment). The length and color of the undergarments must match those of the outer clothing.

Numbers, trademarks, and logos

The jersey’s numbers should be at least 4 inches high on the front and 6 inches high on the back. The name of the athlete and certain school emblems are the only things that can be placed on a high school uniform. 

The use of a manufacturer’s logo or trademark is constrained on socks. Each article of clothing can only have one manufacturer’s emblem or trademark on the outside, and it can only be 2-1/4 square inches in size. A US flag can only be larger than 2 × 3 inches. If approved by the state, a commemorative or memorial patch may be worn on the jersey as long as it is no more than 4 square inches and does not obscure the number.

Braces, casts, and other accessories

Both padded headbands and soft caps are acceptable.

Casts, braces, and other body armor must be padded with padding that is at least 1/2 inch thick to assure safety. Artificial limbs that are not deemed harmful and that do not disadvantage other players are permitted. Any components that stick out must be foam-padded.

Soccer uniform rules for colleges

The following is taken from the NCAA Soccer Rules and Interpretations for 2008 and 2009.


The required components of a collegiate soccer outfit are a jersey or shirt, shorts, shoes, shin guards, and stockings. Soccer shoes may have studs as long as they are not deemed harmful.

Shin Guards

Shin guards for players are required to be worn “in the manner intended, without exception,” to the proper size and age, and to meet NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Guidelines for Athletic Equipment) standards.

Numbers, trademarks, and logos

Jerseys must have numbers that are at least 8 inches tall on the back and 4 inches tall on the front that are clearly visible and easy to read. Numbered shirts must be worn; numbered shorts are optional. 

This regulation applies to all clothing worn by student athletes at a competition. The uniform may show one manufacturer’s logo or trademark on the outside of the uniform and must not be larger than 2-1/4 square inches. On a jersey or shirt, a commemorative symbol may be worn, but it must fit within the limits of 2-1/4 square inches.


Players from the home team must don matching outfits that contrast with those of the visiting squad.

Goalkeepers must don distinctive jerseys from their colleagues as well as stockings that set them apart from other players.

As long as all players adopt a uniform appearance, shorts may be a different color from jerseys and socks. Visible undergarments must match the color of the outer garment they are worn beneath.

The field uniform should be a different color than the warm-up jerseys or vests, according to the rules.

Braces, casts, and other accessories

According to the rules, team captains should wear armbands to set them apart from the other players. A player is not allowed to wear anything that could endanger other players. Except for bracelets or necklaces worn for medicinal purposes, jewelry must be fastened to the body.

International soccer uniform rules


An international soccer player must wear a jersey or shirt, shorts, stockings, shin guards, and shoes as part of their uniform. If an undershirt is worn, the undershirt sleeve and jersey sleeve must match in color. Underwear used with shorts must adhere to the same standard. Goalkeepers might don jogging bottoms.

Shin Guards

Shin guards must be constructed of rubber, plastic, or another “appropriate” material, offer a “sufficient degree of protection,” and be entirely concealed by stockings.

The colors that the opposing teams wear must set them apart from one another and from authorities. Goalkeepers must wear colors that set them out from other members of their team and from officials.

Goalkeepers are required to wear colors that set them apart from other team members and officials.

Jewelry and Accessories 

The wearing of any jewelry is strictly forbidden. Jewelry cannot be held in place using tape.

The referee must inspect and determine that all clothing items other than the essentials are safe before allowing them to be worn.

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