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Enhanced Performance With Custom Made Men’s Softball Jerseys – Evo9x

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Softball requires players to sweat excessively. So, a well-made uniform is needed by the players to not only keep them cool while they play on warm spring or summer days but also to increase their performance, and not hinder it in any way, whatsoever.

Uniforms are not only about keeping the players cool and calm but they are also about building a sense of unity among the players. Thus, a smooth fitting attire with amazing colored patterns is required by the players for them to perform perfectly and to display their amazing athletic abilities without any worries.

Evo9x is a top-tier sport clothing brand in the USA that offers high-quality full dye or semi-sublimated custom men’s softball jerseys. Using advanced machines and high-quality materials, Evo9x crafts the most stunning and beautiful jerseys that not only enhance performance but are also exquisite to look at.

How are custom men’s softball jerseys made?

Made from lightweight polyester, men’s softball jerseys are designed to enhance performance. When it comes to the word “custom” it means that everything from the color, front, fitting, and to the design is chosen by you, the customer

We have the best craftsmen and the most advanced machinery at our disposal to ensure that whatever details you provide us we deliver you exactly that. We provide full dye sublimated jerseys that are machine washable and have low shrinkage.

Types of Fabric used in creating softball jerseys

You don’t have to be a fabric genius to choose the best fabric, leave it to us to make your jersey’s from top-quality and highly soft fabrics. Our fabrics includes:

  • Pointelle Four Way Stretch Mesh
  • Performance Stretch Mesh
  • Performance Micro Poly Mesh
  • Body Flex Micro Poly/Spandex – Light

The range of colors

Also, our color palette includes large printer bright colors such as Athletic Gold, Metallic Gold, Vegas Gold, Pacific Blue, Royal Blue, Scarlet, and much more.

How to choose the best men’s softball jersey design?

Choosing the right jersey can be tough. The options available can be extremely overwhelming as you are a softball player not a fashion designer! So, what you can do is to look at what your competition is wearing and this can give you the inspiration you need.

Look at what colors they are wearing and decide what colors best resonate with your team. Also, you can look at the style and insignias of your rival teams. This can give you inspiration regarding what should be your insignia and what style will best suit your team. 

Does crew neck make sense to you? Or does the V neck cut look inspiring? This is up to you to decide. Moreover, don’t overlook the designs you don’t like. It can help you to avoid mistakes. You can also talk to other teams and ask them what inspired them to create their jerseys.

Don’t try to make your decision based on your own preferences. Get your team involved in the decision making process and ask their opinions on the design, the color, and the insignia. You are bound to encounter challenges as every team member has a different opinion but after getting everyone’s opinion you will get to a decision that is acceptable to everyone. You will also avoid the surprise that is hated by most of the team.

Still, if you are unable to find a design for your men’s softball jersey, you can try out our jersey templates. They are designed by veterans of the industry keeping in mind all the requirements of a softball player, amatuer or professional.

 Minimum order size of men’s softball jerseys you can order?

At Evo9x the minimum order size is 10 pieces. We deliver in 23 business days and if we are not able to, then you can get it for free. Moreover, if you want your jerseys to be delivered earlier, then you can avail of our express service that delivers your jerseys in less than two weeks. Our size range includes sizes from 14 to 27. Moreover, our custom uniform designs are all dyed into the material to prevent cracking and drying.

Team packages at Evo9x

Not only do we provide custom uniforms for all kinds of sports, but we also offer team packages. For men’s softball jerseys, we offer team packages starting with the most basic that starts at $53/ player that includes 1 dye sublimated full button jersey and 1 hat for each team member.

Our next package includes 1 full dye sublimated full color jersey, 1 customized pant, and 1 hat for $95/player. The next package we offer includes 1 full dye sublimated color jersey, 1 semi sublimated shirt, 1 customized pant, 1 hat, 1 stock belt, and 1 stock socks for $121/ player.

How you can order your men’s custom jersey from Evo9x

Evo9x ships men’s custom jerseys all over the USA. Start by providing your name, email address, and phone number. 

After that you provide the name of the city you reside in, the state/region, and the name of your team. Moreover, you also need to provide the size of your team and give a detailed description of how you want your men’s custom jersey designed. 

The more details you provide, the more accurately we will be able to make your jerseys. After you have provided us with all the necessary details just submit the form and our in-house designers will get to work on creating your custom men’s softball jerseys.

Why choose Evo9x?

Our product quality speaks for itself. We know how low-quality fabrics can ruin custom designs. But we make sure that we use only the high-quality fibers to create the best looking men’s softball jerseys for your team.

Our prices are competitive and we also offer custom team packages. We have great 24/7 customer support to whom you can reach and have all your queries resolved. And we have years of experience in creating top-notch men’s softball jerseys.

Place your men’s softball jersey orders at Evo9x!

We know how much you want to be out on the field hitting the ball or throwing it and catching it. Therefore, we at Evo9x have taken upon ourselves to provide our customers with the best product experience. 

We use high-quality printing techniques and fabrics to craft the finest men’s softball jerseys. Also, during the entire process we ensure that we have your say into how you want your softball jerseys to be. Visit our website today and place your order, also, you can get a free quote on men’s softball jerseys.

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