Best Baseball Glove: Guide on How to Buy the Right Pair

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Best Baseball Glove: Guide on How to Buy the Right Pair

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The most crucial aspects of a glove are how it fits and feels on the player’s hand, whether they are All-Stars playing in the major leagues or young players taking their first at-bat in a game.

Having a glove that fits the player’s hand and wrist appropriately can immediately improve how comfortable he or she feels on the field when learning the basics and growing a passion for baseball or fastpitch. The glove, or at the very least the hand opening, is probably too large for the player if he or she feels as though it will slip off their hand when their arm is at their side.

Younger players’ baseball and softball gloves with Evo9x technology offer a smaller, more precisely fitted fit, providing a more secure, snug feeling. Young players can concentrate on skill development when wearing comfortable equipment, which also enhances the possibility that they will enjoy themselves.

How to Buy the Right Baseball Glove? Look at the Size!

Finding the appropriate glove size for the player based on age and hand size is the first step in selecting the best baseball or softball glove. Depending on age, a comfortable range between 10.75 and 12″ should allow any beginner to choose a comfortable, simple-to-use glove. 

The most misunderstood characteristic of ball gloves is size. Parents may believe that a little glove will make it more difficult for a player to catch the ball, but this is untrue. A younger athlete can maneuver more easily with a smaller glove. The better a player can position their body and glove to catch and hold the ball, the more control they will have over their glove.

It will feel strange and might be distracting if a player is wearing a glove that is too big. Function can be summed up as being able for a player to successfully and effortlessly close the glove. A player should attempt a different glove size if they are having trouble closing one.

Plus, take a look at the distinct glove sizes. 

Infielded Gloves

The smallest gloves used on a field are sometimes infield gloves. Infielders can rapidly shift the ball from their glove to throw out baserunners thanks to their shorter pocket design.

 Although it’s a prevalent misperception that infielders require larger gloves, even elite baseball players utilize smaller 11.25″ gloves to facilitate speedy ball transfers. The length of infield gloves for young athletes ranges from 10.75″ to 11.75″.

Baseball gloves for high school to adults range in size from 11.25 to 12.25. Glove sizes for fastpitch infielders range from 11 to 12. Gloves for slow-pitch softball can be up to 13″.

Outfield Gloves 

They are normally bigger so that players can hunt down fly balls with more reach. The priority of these gloves’ deeper pocket is to hold the ball after the catch. Baseball outfield gloves come in sizes ranging from 10.75″ to 12.5″ for younger players and 12.5″ to 12.75″ for older players. Outfield gloves for fastpitch and slowpitch games are typically bigger, measuring between 12″ and 13″ and 13″ and 14″, respectively.

Pitchers Glove

Pitcher’s gloves typically have a closed-web pattern and are sized more like infield gloves to hide the player’s grip when throwing a pitch. They are between 9″ and 10.5″ in length for tee-ball, 10.75″ and 12.5″ in length for kids, 11.5″ and 12.5″ in length for adult baseball and fast-pitch players, and up to 14″ in length for slow-pitch players.

Utility Gloves 

Players that play numerous positions and require a glove that can meet their needs in both the infield and outfield may consider utility gloves. In order to accommodate players who also pitch, they frequently have a closed-web design and are on the larger end of the infield glove spectrum. Baseball utility gloves come in sizes ranging from 11″ to 12″ for kids and 11.75″ to 12.5″ for adults. Slowpitch utility gloves can be as long as 13″, whereas fastpitch utility gloves normally measure between 11.5″ and 12″.

Parts of the Baseball Glove 

Knowing the structure of your glove can help you fit it to your playing demands before you even begin. Each part of a baseball glove’s design serves to make it easier for you to catch the ball.


Join the fingers and thumb to control the ball as it hits the ground. provides fielders with the ability to close their hand on the ball to keep possession by having a tightly braided piece of leather. The majority of line drives, fly balls, and pop-ups are caught in the web.


Impact protection is provided by padding under the leather.

The glove’s heel is located at the bottom, on the palm side. protects while determining when your glove will break.

The glove’s form is provided by the lacing. The best lace material is leather since it allows the laces to break in just like the glove does.

Hinge: Makes it simple to open and close the glove.

Wrist Adjustment

A feature that can be adjusted and is optional. Fastpitch and slowpitch softball are popular in young baseball.

Baseball Glove Material – What are they Made of?

Different materials are used to make baseball gloves, and each has a unique feel when used on the field.

Synthetic leather doesn’t need to “break-in” and might be simple to close. It is a simple choice that may be beneficial for younger players.

Softened, oil-treated leather delivers a smooth break-in and a game-ready feel as players age and advance in leagues.

The best leather is premium or Pro Series leather, which provides unmatched craftsmanship, durability, and comfort. Once broken in, this material will fit your hand more comfortably.

Choosing the Right Baseball Glove with Evo9x 

Now that you are aware about the basic information of baseball gloves, make an informed decision to make a customized order. We offer quality size, shape and materials for the gloves and other baseball equipment. We understand that each player is unique and therefore would want the best out of their order. 

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