A Sublimation Basketball Jersey Lasts Longer

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A Sublimation Basketball Jersey Lasts Longer

Buying new uniforms and jerseys for your team is an expense many individual organizations do not want to worry about. Yet, from time to time it becomes necessary – even required – to do so. The key to making this a bit easier to manage is to invest in a better quality product capable of lasting a longer amount of time. For example, a sublimation basketball jersey is one capable of providing a better fit than other products. You are likely to save some money here.

Why Sublimation Lasts Longer

The sublimation printing process provides a unique outcome for the user. In typical printing methods for uniforms, such as in the use of color transfer or in inkjet printing, the process applies a layer of print over the top of the existing fabric. However, when you buy a sublimation basketball jersey, this is not the case. Rather, the ink infuses with the fabric itself, creating a more cohesive benefit. This is where you end up seeing less need to replace the jerseys often.

Where the Difference Is

In these jerseys, the benefits are numerous. First, the color is fantastic, and there is nearly no limit to graphics. But, at the same time, you also benefit by not having to worry about pealing or fading ink. It does not do this. This helps to extend the life of the jersey, keeping your costs lower.
When you buy a sublimation basketball jersey, you end up with a high quality, beautiful uniform designed to handle the touch use and laundering necessary. At the same time, you get a jersey capable of lasting for years, reducing your overall costs over the long term in your program. Could this be the right option for your needs this year for basketball uniforms?

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